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Music Delight with Vallarta Jazz Festival

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Music is life. I personally couldn’t imagine how would the world be, without music. In particular, Jazz is a rhythm that captivates and takes those who listen, to unimaginable places. Who hasn’t dreamed and flew to the moon while listening to Frank Sinatra, one of the most recognized musicians of this genre, placing it amongst the people’s taste?

Jazz was born in late 19th century and early 20th century in south United States. According to historical data origins are referred to Mississippi River in New Orleans. This genre comes from the combination of three musical roots: Native Americans, Africans and Europeans.

Vallarta Jazz Festival is a remarkable tradition that is celebrated every year for jazz lovers to enjoy good times, accompanied by the sound of the waves. Puerto Vallarta is renowned by the cultural events found in the destination, and music is an indisputable favorite for residents and visitors.

This year, Vallarta Jazz Festival will be carried out on February 12th and 13th in different points of the city, where great musicians of the genre will present an unparalleled performance.

This festival has witnessed the presence of great figures from around the world. Going back to 2014 for a moment, when the third edition of this festival was taking place with the presence of five groups of USA such as: Ruben Alvarez, who plays ‘conga’ in Chicago and Tom Koster, former keyboardist of the group lead by Santana.

Puerto Vallarta, the jewel of the Mexican Pacific, will be waiting with arms wide open for attendees to enjoy a festival crafted to enjoy the best of the best.

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