Mexico’s Pueblos Magicos of the Pacific " />

Mexico’s Pueblos Magicos of the Pacific

Puerto Vallarta is located very close to other interesting tourist destinations; San Sebastian del Oeste, Tapalpa, Mazamitla and Tequila are four places that are considered Pueblos MagicosMagical Villages you simply can’t miss!

San Sebastián del Oeste

A former mining town with only 600 inhabitants; landscapes of cobblestone streets, vines, streams and stone bridges surround landmarks such as a cigar factory, coffee farms and mezcal distilleries.

The Cerro de la Bufa is available for climbing and there are also caves to explore. You can also watch amazing sunsets illuminating the orchards of fruit trees.

Among the most exquisite dishes in the town are huitlacoche stewed with onions and spices, chiles rellenos, gorditas, machaca and water flavored with nanche, a sweet yellow fruit with a tinge of sourness. For dessert we recommend the peaches with Mexican eggnog and the town’s special caramel cajeta made with quince, hawthorn and apple.

The town’s star beverages is called “chocorraíz“, made with chocolate and ipecac root.


San Sebastian

San Sebastián. Photograph by Jessica Soler.
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In this village the beautiful architecture of its principal churches is what really stands out: the Old Church made of stone and the New Church made with red bricks.

The Obregon path is the best place to take a walk and admire the rustic houses, with their tile roofs and bougainvillea vines.

The Artisan House, Ekopark, giant stones and Nogal Dam are the most important places to visit; you’ll discover pristine waterfalls and beautiful springs. There are even opportunities for action sports like mountain biking, kayaking, fishing and horseback riding.

For lunch, you must try the marinated mutton (the region’s most typical dish), charro beans, tamales and birria. Pomegranate punch is one of the area’s most popular drinks.


Tapalpa, Jalisco
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Located in the Sierra del Tigre, this magic village is ideal for ecotourism. It’s best to bundle up, as it’s usually colder in this area. Every weekend in October a flower show is held- the wild poppy is one of the most popular.

Hiking, zip lines, waterfalls and walks through the town are the main attractions.

As for the cuisine, there are a few ‘obligatory’ foods to try, such as the “el bote“, a soup of beef, chicken and pork, desserts using preserved fruits and “el pajarete“, a drink made with milk, chocolate powder and spirits.



As its name implies, in this town everything revolves around the agave plant. Visiting the oldest distilleries is a great option during your stay, as you can participate in the process of making the famous spirit; an icon of our country.

Opals are found in abundance in this area and are crafted by artisans into striking jewelry and accessories.

Cuisine in Tequila includes baked agave stalks over rice with banana, melted cheese fondue and various preparations of chicken and beef. Needless to say, tequila and margari tas are the recommended beverages.

Mexico has many interesting corners to explore. Don’t miss out on the charm of these special villages and the chance to learn more about our culture!

Tequila Jalisco

Tequila, Pueblo Magico and World Heritage Site
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