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Fandango is Mexico

by Julieta del Toro

Without a doubt, one of the essential characteristics of Mexico and its people is the lively spirit that is reflected in all of its cultural and artistic expressions. This spirit is what makes Mexico  so unique and special.

The spirit is captured in the show Fandango, a production from the state of Jalisco that is now being shown in the recently inaugurated Teatro Vallarta in the center of Puerto Vallarta. On this stage the lovely musical pieces, fluid choreography, fantastic costumes, and impressive light and audio effects present Mexican culture in a new and splendid way.

Through this lovely and entertaining exhibition, tourists and locals alike can get to know part of the history and folklore of the country while enjoying a magnificent performance.

During the 12 scenes, the spectator will take a journey through time, starting with the prehispanic peoples who first made tequila, followed by distinct dances of the regions of Jalisco, Nayarit and Colima. We then see the works of its contemporary artists merge with the arrival of Mariachis and hear the traditional sounds revived with a fresh touch.

People who attend Fandango will be constantly surprised by the interaction and presence of all of the performers; 30 extraordinary dancers and 15 amazing musicians portray the soul of Mexico in a modern-day show.


Photo: Teatro Vallarta | Fandango

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Fandango has become the most interesting recent Mexican theater production to arrive on the local scene.  It is a performance that fills Puerto Vallarta with pride and splendor.

A show that joins talent and mexican folklore, with 30 dancers on stage. Let yourself be surprised by regional dances and unique talent. | Un espectáculo que conjunta 30 extraordinarios bailarines en escena, sorprendiendo al espectador con folklore y talento.


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