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Mexican Bicentennial present at New year’s celebration

Here in Mexico, festivals are huge celebrations originally based on the rich pre-Hispanic cultural heritage and religious fervor brought by Spanish colonialism. During these celebrations the deepest sentiments of Mexico can be felt, along with the social values that each region contributes.

An integral part of society, the festivals serve as a support for the social structure and have contributed to maintaining cultural identity and traditional values, as well as helping to avoid community disintegration.

Mexico has a well-deserved reputation as a lively country; it follows the traditions formed during its pre-Hispanic period and maintains the intent to preserve them despite the new religious values imposed by the Spanish during the conquest. Mexicans in every state celebrate important dates and national holidays, as well as more than 5000 fairs and festivals with farming, agricultural, commercial or simply fun themes.

Among this range of celebrations, 2010 is memorable (not only for Mexico but for other nations such as Columbia, Argentina, Chile and Venezuela) as the year of the Bicentennial anniversary of our independence from Spain. This year Mexico commemorates 200 years since the beginning of the struggle (which ended in 1821), when Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla announced the start of the rebellion to the entire country with the famous cry, “¡Viva la Virgen de Guadalupe! ¡Abajo el mal gobierno! ¡Viva Fernando VII!” (Long live the Virgin of Guadalupe! Down with the government! Long live Fernando VII!)

In honor of such rich history and tradition, Velas Vallarta has prepared a great celebration to end the year of the Bicentennial. We would like to share the last minutes of 2010 and the first minutes of 2011 in the company of our good friends and guests with a very Mexican festival, complete with typical dishes, colors, flavors and games that are always part of our celebrations, all accompanied by Mariachi and traditional folkloric ballet.

Please join us and be part of our history!

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