Mercado Los Mangos Brimming with Local Food & Artwork " />

A New Puerto Vallarta Market Brimming with Local Food & Artwork

Bringing the Vallarta-Nayarit community together for over 20 years, Biblioteca Los Mangos is now home to a weekly “buy local” market, 9:30am-2pm every Saturday. Stop by for the best flour tortillas of your life, funky fashion, & so much more.

Mercado Los Mangos

Local Food & Art Fill this Vibrant Puerto Vallarta Market


Mercado Los Mangos


Biblioteca Los Mangos

Av. Francisco Villa 1001


Saturdays, 9:30am-2pm

Now through May

Food Market in Puerto Vallarta

If you’ve been here on a weekend, you know that the most popular day to peruse the many outdoor Vallarta-Nayarit markets is Saturday. The open-air bazaar, or tianguis, has been a Mexican tradition for centuries, so it’s no wonder that new ones keep popping up in towns like Puerto Vallarta. That’s where you’ll find Mercado Los Mangos, fresh off their opening day on January 28th. Now through May, shoppers are welcome to join 600+ fellow market-goers every Saturday morning, from 9:30am-2pm. Feel free to browse the homemade foods, snack at onsite eateries, design your latest look, and chat with local artists, all while children play in a colorful craft tent and live music fills the air.

Vendors You Don’t Want to Miss

Biblioteca Los Mangos, Mercado, Puerto Vallarta

Focused on a “buy local” ethos, you’ll only find food, fashion, and art made by artisans who call Vallarta-Nayarit home. Everything is exceptionally curated, but noteworthy standouts include:

  • Refreshingly herbaceous chimichurri sauce from Muy Green.
  • Refresca Aguas Artesanales’ thirst-quenching fruit and herb waters.
  • Handmade guacamole, salsa, and chips at Produtos Tonan.
  • The legendary flour tortillas of La Regia.
  • Strictly local Mexican chocolate delights from Xocodiva.
  • Dressart’s “Gypsy” dresses and accessories.
  • Argentinean food at Taco Tango.

A New Market, with 20 Years of History

Biblioteca Los Mangos has been a nexus of Vallarta-Nayarit culture since opening in 1996. In fact, no other library in the region compares to its expansive Spanish and English collection, as well as the practically endless amount of onsite community services offered each and every month.


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