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The Koi Fish and its meaning


By Haydé Escalante

Translated by Nyima Bieber


We often do not notice the various elements that surround us, and it is easy to miss the beautiful creatures that inhabit them. If you’ve ever observed Japanese-style ponds you’ll notice that they are inhabited by beautiful colorful fish.


These fish are called Koi fish, which are a species of Carp native to eastern Asia. There are over one hundred varieties of Koi fish, as they can be crossed to create very rare specimens. Under normal conditions they can live 20 to 30 years, although there have been Koi fish that have reached 200 years of age. They are very strong fish that are able to withstand extreme changes in temperature.


The true name of this fish is nishikigoi (wavy carp) and they are very important in Japanese legends; the word Koi sounds very similar to the word designated for love/affection. Likewise, Koi fish also signify strength, perseverance, energy and luck. According to legend, a Koi fish swam upstream and up a waterfall to reach the door of the Yellow River, where it was transformed into a dragon.


The Japanese have Koi fish in their homes as a symbol of protection and good luck. These fish respond to their environment and change color according to the levels of stress around them. It is increasingly common to see them welcoming you to a home or business to create harmony and attract good vibrations.


Some resorts and Spas used these fish to harmonize the ambiance for their guests. According to Remel Yepez, an expert in aquaponics “When we see the Koi we forget about the problems of everyday life.” These fish are able to give us a dose of inner peace as an antidote to our busy routines.


All Velas Resorts feature natural ponds with Koi fish, which adds peace and harmony to each property. Each tranquil space is specially designed to care for and showcase the flora and fauna, and to allow your family to enjoy a relaxing escape.

During your next vacation, observe each of the elements that improve your state of mind and help you feel at ease at the resort.

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