Kitchen Fiesta, a Culinary Event That Will Never Be Forgotten " />
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A culinary event that will never be forgotten
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A culinary tour
Culinary delicacies
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Exquisite dishes
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Kitchen Fiesta, a Culinary Event That Will Never Be Forgotten

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Last Thursday the most demanding palates enjoyed of the hard-to-forget culinary event, Kitchen Fiesta. Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit was the host of the event, doing a remarkable job; it offered exclusive amenities to the VIP guests like special edition aprons and a chef’s hat.

The first stop of the tour, attendees had the opportunity to enjoy of delicacies from the Pre-Hispanic period by the Chef Yolanda Yanar, a person passionate for the Iberian and Mexican cuisine; she offered delicious tortitas of escamoles with epazote, fried chalupitas with crayfish, and green chileatole with turkey.

Alejandro Goche’s second station featured dishes from the Viceroyalty –a time in history that provided such a legacy to our Mexican cuisine. The commensals tasted delicious pork gorditas and mini pastries stuffed with poultry and red mole.

After a journey to the Mexican culinary past, Michel Mustière transported them to the present in the Franco-Mexican station. He amazed the spectators with his exquisite dishes, such as blue shrimp and lemon aguachile and salmon with creamy unilateral escamoles.

Eliseo Ibarra presented the regional cuisine; this consisted of avant-garde dishes that combined flavors of different Mexican states. The chef offered his most outstanding specialties, like the Pacific fish chicharrón and Veracruz-style fish appetizer.

The next station was Contemporary Mexico by chef Marco Antonio Hernández; he gave a warm welcome to all the attendees and expressed all his passion through dishes he presented, such as duck confit crepe and pumpkin flower stuffed with lobster.

Rafael Borbolla’s Cocina de Autor station mixed unique flavors like scallop slices on huitlacoche risotto and reconstruction of green corn pozole on corn gel. It should be noted that the Cocina de Autor concept is found only in the most luxurious restaurants of Mexico.

The last station was Organic Kitchen, based on healthy food and free of preservatives. The guests tasted delicious dishes from Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit’s Executive Chef, Claudio Hotter: huazontle tortitas on Kobe beef and romeritos with wild duck and artisan black mole from Oaxaca.

Afterwards, chefs and attendees enjoyed a great party full of exquisite cheeses, chocolate fountains and El Patrón Tequila cocktails. The cherry on top was the artwork made by the Mexican painter Maggie Valdovinos; she captivated all the chefs while they were working.

It is expected to be part of next years’ Festival Gourmet International of Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit events.

If you assisted to the Kitchen Fiesta, we would love to hear your experience.

Kitchen Fiesta, a Culinary Event That Will Never Be Forgotten

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