Isabel Island,the other hidden paradise " />
Exotic wildlife on the island
Playa Guayabitos, near Isabel island
San Blas, Nayarit. Island location

Isabel Island, the other hidden paradise

Things to do

Located in the beautiful Riviera Nayarit, 68 kilometers (42 miles) off the coast of San Blas, you will find the beautiful Isabel Island, formed by intense underwater volcanic activity. It is considered a national park and a biosphere reserve.

The island is a mountainous area, where you can contemplate magnificent cliffs and stunning panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. This almost unspoiled paradise offers an amazing experience for travelers who value contact with nature.

For those wishing to stay in the area, “Nayarit Adventures” offers daily and overnight itineraries creating extraordinary experiences while caring for the environment.

Meet a variety of exotic birds, like Blue-Footed Booby bird, which flies to this natural area in order to protect themselves from predators. Also under the waters you will see rays, humpback whales, whale sharks, sea turtles and beautiful corals.

The access to the island is very limited (a short stay is allowed), in order to protect the ecosystem.


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