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International Puerto Vallarta Marlin & Sailfish Tournament


by Julieta Del Toro
Now in its 55th year, from the 10-13th of November the traditional International Puerto Vallarta Marlin & Sailfish tournament will take place, organized by the Puerto Vallarta Fishing Club.

Sr. Andrés Famanía Ortega, president of the association and other important members shared some of the most important details about the event during a press conference, including information about the exciting prizes to be awarded. Among the many prizes are new cars, a check for $200,000 pesos, and vacation certificates! The tournament will be divided into five categories:  Marlin, Sailfish, Catch and Release Sailfish, Tuna and Mahi-Mahi (known locally as Dorado).

He also announced that, in support of the marine life of the region, the specimens weighing less than 30 kg in the category of Catch and Release will be returned to the sea.

It bears mentioning that sport fishing is the single most lucrative generator of income for the local area, placed above golf and other highlighted events. The stakes are high for this tournament and it is an exciting part of Vallarta’s history!

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