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Hiking Eco Tours

Discover the lush Sierra Madre Mountains that frame the southern part of Banderas Bay. Hike along crystal clear rivers, through canyons surrounded by exuberant plant life and ponds where you can swim and enjoy the scenery. Hike along the River Cuale, which cuts through Puerto Vallarta. Journey through the tropical jungle through the river to Playa Los Colomitos – one of Puerto Vallarta’s most secluded beaches. Explore the tropical forest that surrounds Puerto Vallarta, and enjoy spectacular views of the Bay and one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the area. Discover one of the most beautiful and ecologically interesting sites in Puerto Vallarta – the pueblo of El Nogalito. Hike in and around the river to a hidden waterfall and swim in the natural cascade. Puerto Vallarta Tour offers several hiking tours and knowledgeable guides that lead you to the hidden treasure of Puerto Vallarta. Learn with guides about the wildlife and culture of this beautiful coastal region of Mexico.


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