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Guide to explore the Puerto Vallarta’s malecon

A must-to-visit during your vacay to Puerto Vallarta is the beautiful boardwalk or Malecon for walking along; it is finding an infinity of surprises that take you into the essence of this place. Walking the path is an excellent plan for any time of day. Today we present the five things you cannot miss on the Puerto Vallarta boardwalk.

Show in The Arches

This emblematic spot of the route has an incredible view of the sea as a backdrop. These are four stone arches. They were brought from a hacienda in Guadalajara and are part of the theater. A place where several cultural shows are presented.

In any case, the natural spectacle at sunset should already be a must on your list, especially if you come on a romantic plan since the evening in this place will give you unforgettable moments.

Photo at the seahorse

Photo by Estigo

An attraction that was placed in 2016 to accompany this famous sculpture is the colorful letters that spell ‘Puerto Vallarta’. The statue of ‘The boy on the Sea Horse’ is by the artist Rafael Zamarripa Castañeda, created in 1976, and is a replica of the original in Vallarta, right on the Playa de Los Muertos.

You must take the classic souvenir photo at this point of the route. We recommend that you go in the morning, as that is when there are fewer people.

Discover the sculptures

Photo by Karen via Flickr

Throughout the tour, you will find different sculptures, from ‘The fountain of friendship’ by James Bottoms; ‘The subtle stone eater’ by Jonás Gutiérrez from Guadalajara; ‘Triton and Mermaid’ by Carlos Espino; to Sergio Bustamante’s ‘Search for Reason’ —another great spot to take a picture of yourself on the stairs—; and ‘Rotonda del mar’ which is a set of 16 incredible sculptures by Alejandro Colunga.

The Flying Men of Papantla 

Photo by Wikimedia Commons

It is a traditional attraction at the national level; it consists of 5 flyers with typical costumes that climb the 15-meter pole; one of them stays at the top playing a native flute, while the other four descend hanging from the ankles.

It is an impressive show worth appreciating while listening to the typical music mixed with the sea waves.

A Mexican snack

Photo by Wikimedia Commons

While you walk the boardwalk, you can enjoy many typical delicacies of the destination and discover a little of Mexico through its flavors. On the Vallarta boardwalk, in addition to having a wide variety of restaurants and bars, you will also find local merchants with snacks and drinks to refresh your journey. From the classic chips with chili and lemon, fresh fruit, or roasted corn to delicious coconut water or the traditional ones from the area: tejuino, a fermented corn drink accompanied with lemon ice cream; or the tuba, a fermented beverage of the coconut palm that is combined with cubes of apple and peanuts.

Whether you visit the malecon in the morning, at sunset, or at night, you will find a different version at every moment but always with the authentic magic of the place.


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