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Grand Velas opens Art Gallery in Mexico

Grand Velas opens Art Gallery in Mexico

To create Mexican art requires of great specialization and perfect technique. Through the years, the arts in this country have suffered constant changes; our ancestral roots have been transformed and adapted to contemporary art. This year, the recognized hotel with 5 Diamonds by the AAA, Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit, opened its own Art Gallery in Mexico, which seeks to integrate everyone into a space of awareness towards the artistic contemporary diversity of Mexico.

The Mexican Art Gallery will present the artwork of Juan Barba and KUU; showing the contemporary narrative of our country.

The first author, Juan Barba, reveals a unique collection of textiles, produced from fine cotton yarn with a wide range of different colors, just like Wixárrika people made them back in the days. Each work of this author tells a story graphically; the depth of the story is told through each thread.

The second expositor, KUU, takes us back to the reinterpretation of two cultures: the visual wixárrika spirit of Mexico and the cut glass from Czech Republic and Slovakia, these two cultures provide wonders. KUU represents several worlds that connect with each other art and crafts; the Pacific Ocean and the Danube; the desert and the Carpathians; traditional techniques and contemporary processes.

From November 26th to January 8th, you will be able to purchase the artwork in the boutique of the resort. For more information about the Art Gallery in Mexico, visit the official website:

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