Gourmet Lobster Festival in Puerto Vallarta " />

Gourmet Lobster Festival in Puerto Vallarta

By Veronica Toro

During the months of January and February, the Lobster Festival is held in restaurant Café des Artistes. It is a celebration where Chefs Thierry Blouet and Hugo Ahumada present seven artfully prepared lobster recipes. The menu never fails to set gourmet trends in the region’s cuisine!

Festival de la Langosta

The following dishes are featured on the menu:

  • Shot of lobster ceviche
  • Lobster salad
  • Ravioli of lobster with leek confit
  • Lobster soup
  • ‘Rosarito’-style lobster
  • ‘Thermidor’-style lobster
  • Roasted lobster tail

Plus, half lobsters served in the style of your choice (grilled, barbecued, marinated or steamed).
This is your last chance to partake in this delicious local banquet, before the festival ends on Thursday, February 28th!


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