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Get Active! Ciclovía in Nuevo Vallarta

Those of us who like riding bikes and enjoying the beautiful scenery of the bay now have the option of the ciclovía in Nuevo Vallarta. Dust off your bike and get active with the family – this new corridor promotes both our own health and that of the environment, with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and Sierra Madre Mountains.

Use this new means of transport during your next visit to Vallarta-Nayarit; it’s perfect for moving around the area in a fun, comfortable and above all environmentally friendly way. With a privileged location, the path crosses the hotel zone and is an excellent way to see all the places you simply must see in Nuevo Vallarta.

Vallarta-Nayarit ciclovía

Many of the area’s resorts also offer a bike tour for all ages (if this is your first time on a bike in Nuevo Vallarta, this is an excellent choice). The guide will take you around the region and provide all necessary equipment for enjoying the ride. I recommend going to the Marina and taking a break to take in the view- it’s a natural work of art.

Finish your tour at the Nuevo Vallarta zoo and learn a little more about its flora and fauna. You will be surprised to be able to learn so much about the tropical riches of this unique destination, where some of the main attractions are the colorful local birds.

Wait no more! If you are visiting the area or live here already grab your helmet and take off on the ciclovía in Nuevo Vallarta. You’ll discover even more hidden wonders of Vallarta-Nayarit.


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