Flyboard: The new Sensation in Vallarta-Nayarit " />

Flyboard: The new Sensation in Vallarta-Nayarit


Translated by Nyima Bieber


Water sports are one of the most sought-after attractions in Puerto Vallarta; snorkeling at Los Arcos, surfing in Sayulita and now the incredible Flyboard has reached Vallarta-Nayarit (favorite of Leonardo Dicaprio and Vin Diesel).
Vallarta-Nayarit, always concerned with being at the forefront of the latest fun activities, has upped the ante and now offers fans of extreme sports the chance to enjoy Flyboard, which will literally make anyone who gets on the board fly through the air.

flyboard in vallarta-nayarit grand velas

Flyboard is a new sport created in 2011 by French native Franky Zapata. The idea was to make a board that was powered by a hose. After seeing that it was possible he uploaded a video onto Youtube which went viral. It resulted in offers to design the necessary equipment to start this new sport and swim like a dolphin. The sport has not yet been made official but they are attempting to have it included in the next Olympic Games.
It basically consists of a board driven by a water hose which is connected to a jet ski and dumbbells to control the pressure. It might seem difficult but experts say anyone can do it; if not on the first attempt then the second or third. Of course to do tricks one has to practice regularly.



The Flyboard is now found in a few select places throughout the world. In our city the service is offered by Vallarta Adventures at a cost of 1,639 pesos. The experience lasts 30 minutes and departs from the Marina in Puerto Vallarta or Nuevo Vallarta.
Restrictions are:  
  • • 12 years or older
  • • Maximum weight 118kg
  • • Not suitable for pregnant women
  • • Complete physical health  
I’m sure you will love Flyboard and am anxious to try it myself. The adrenaline of flying over 13 meters guarantees that this will be an incredible experience.
If you have the chance to go, tell us all about it!
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