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Five Great Tips for Traveling this Year

By Betsua Salazar

Translated by Nyima Bieber

The beginning of a new year always seems to be synonymous with resolutions. The most common are losing weight, quitting smoking, saving and/or traveling more. 2014 will surely be no exception- the issue lies in whether you’re able to complete your resolutions instead of forgetting about them.
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If you want to make this year different and traveling is your main goal, I have five tips to help you make it work.
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1-Make a List

If seeing pictures of spectacular places brings you to the limit, prioritize where you want to visit. Categorize your choices into national and international destinations. If you’re clear about where you want to go, it will help you make it happen.

2-Set Dates

Knowing when you’ll be able to travel is very important. You can set your dates  according to your budget, the local climate, the tourist seasons and even vacations from your job or school. Trips planned in advance are always cheaper.

3-Save Upviajar a vallarta nayarit

Taking a trip always involves a considerable amount of spending, so start saving now. If it’s hard for you to save, try opening a special account for your travel plans. Your efforts will be well-rewarded: you’ll have an amazing adventure!

4-Read and Educate Yourself

Understanding important information about where you’re going will allow you to moderate your spending and prioritize visits to the most important places. Be sure to check other traveller reviews- you’re sure to get good tips. If your budget is low, you can try reserving an All-Inclusive hotel– this way you’ll know exactly how much you’ll need to spend. Constantly monitor flight prices (if you need to fly) to get better deals.

5-Share the Fun

Traveling with a companion has many benefits. You can enjoy the experience together and also share some of the costs. Sometimes you can find cheaper tours when you book for two or more people. Most importantly, there’s safety in numbers, especially when you’re in an unfamiliar place.
If you follow these five steps during the year, you’ll surely be able to enjoy a grand adventure in that place you’ve always wanted to visit. But, if you’re still not sure where to go, I invite you to visit Vallarta-Nayarit– it’s a paradise for enjoying all that the beautiful Bay of Banderas has to offer. You’ll love it!
I hope you fulfill your New Year’s resolutions- have a great trip!
viaje a vallarta nayarit
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