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Experienced or not, play golf in Puerto Vallarta

Juega golf con o sin experiencia en Puerto Vallarta

One day I was walking by the streets of Vallarta’s downtown. I sat down to enjoy an ice cream that I just bought at a popular ice cream shop and meanwhile, a few meters from me was a group of people discussing a topic related to golf. Sincerely, I wanted to hear the conversation so I approached and told them that I didn’t know much about golf but I love writing new experiences and that I could investigate everything they need to read something about it… and here’s what I promised.

The task wasn’t simple; I had to walk across Puerto Vallarta until someone finally recommended me a golf expert with a great career and dedicated to provide the best experiences in the destination. He is Antonio Palacios, a lover of this sport since 20 years ago. Last Thursday I went to his office located in Marina Vallarta and he told me his golf experiences. I mentioned him that travelers and residents of Vallarta-Nayarit have asked a lot about golf courses and their offerings.

Golf is a lifestyle growing day by day in Mexico especially in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit; both destinations have a total of ten golf courses; seven are located in Nayarit and three in Vallarta (Vista Vallarta Weiskopf, Vista Vallarta Nicklaus and Marina Vallarta Golf Club). Also, there are the Golf Litibú, Pacific Golf, Golf Flamingos, El Tigre Golf Bahía, and two golf courses that are connected at the Mayan Palace.

Some golf courses were built by famous designers. Each country is different and has its history; some are located in the middle of nature and others close to the sea, but there are a few more that are in the mountains, as Vista Vallarta. Depending on your budget and  preferences, Antonio will tell you which one is the indicated for you.

In these places some golf professionals have played, as well as presidents and celebrities. They also have host important tournaments in the region as the PGA and The Masters. Unlike other destinations, here you can play 365 days a year due to the pleasant weather. All the golf courses are in constant maintenance and preserve the flora and fauna.

People who have never been in a golf course, don’t worry because Antonio Palacios will teach you the first steps, like how to swing a golf club, what position to assume or how to  improve your technique.

For those who are experts and seek challenges, Antonio will guide you through the ideal golf courses; some of them have hidden paths, strong winds during the afternoon, and all the unimaginable.

If you are interested in the golfing world and excited to play regardless of your level, Antonio Palacios will help you with all your needs. You can find him in Marina Vallarta at Casa Velas boutique hotel. His office will surprise you for all the memories that are hanging around.


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