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Experience the Malecón

My first time walking along the Malecón was when my sister in law came to visit. She is 18 years old and it was her first trip away from home by herself.

After two days at the beach, we decided to meander down to the Malecón so that she could see a more bustling side of Puerto Vallarta. It was a Sunday night and we found parking surprisingly easily. After walking one short block, we arrived at the beginning of the Malecón and were immediately greeted by one of the many statues next to the ocean. My sis in law immediately got out her camera and began snapping away. She took many pictures as well of the amazing sand sculptures.

We walked on, and my two year old son ran a few feet ahead, enjoying the freedom of the wide boardwalk. The sun was beginning to go down and a fresh breeze ran over us. We walked past the giant pole where the Voladores de Papantla (flyers of Papantla) would soon be descending in their spiral formation from the sky. Towards the end of the Malecón there was a clown show in the amphitheater with so many spectators that we could barely see what all the ruckus was about. Apparently he was quite good because children and adults were almost in tears with laughter.

Before crossing the street we stopped to try an agua de la palma, a fresh-tasting drink made from palm fruit. In the main plaza there was a dance going on, in which many older experienced dance partners were swaying to the music with fantastic grace and rhythm.

Up the street to the church, mass was beginning and the sound of the choir could be heard outside as we went up the stairs, past the carts loaded with coconut macaroons and other tropical sweets for sale. We ambled back to the large pole and were just in time to snag a bench from which we watched the sunset and then the flyers swing round and round until they landed on the soft sand.

On the way back to the car we saw, among other street entertainers, a sand statue man who my son could have watched for hours. This was a wonderful breezy, entertaining end to a hot day at the beach.

A stroll along the Malecón shows the real charm of Vallarta, in people which young and old, local and tourist, come out in the evenings to enjoy themselves and spend time with family.


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