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Experience Paradise while receiving the Best Medical Care

by Nyima Bieber

Medical Tourism in Mexico is an excellent option for those who wish to receive quality medical care. Board certified bilingual doctors, accessible costs and world-class services allow patients to confidently travel and undergo a variety of treatments in nearly every medical field. From the most advanced elective and dental procedures to obesity and cancer therapies, Medical Tourism provides an excellent option for receiving these treatments in a private environment at a greatly reduced cost.

Recovery vacations

In addition to offering the latest technology, internationally accredited medical centers, and highly qualified physicians (many of whom have been educated and have experience in the United States, Canada and Western Europe), Mexico is an excellent tourist destination. Those seeking medical treatment can enjoy a luxurious and private recuperation experience, complete with gourmet room service, onsite medical personnel and 24-hour care. Easily accessible from the United States and Canada, many serene, safe and beautiful locations are available to provide a serene space for a quick recovery.

As one of the safest areas in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is a premier destination for Medical Tourism. Travelers can feel confident utilizing the services of Amerimed Hospital and its excellent doctors, located just 5 minutes from the Puerto Vallarta International Airport. Supported by Amerimed, Casa Velas Hotel & Ocean Club is available for a comfortable and in fact highly luxurious recuperation period in which patients are visited regularly by medical personnel and have an attentive bilingual staff and variety of dining options at their disposal. The resort’s facilities make a trip to Mexico for a medical procedure an even more appealing option, as the botanical garden, luxurious private suites and tropical golf course setting provide an excellent alternative to the home-recuperation environment and its distractions, as well as inconvenient return trips to the hospital for follow-up care. Healing, pampering spa treatments at the Casa Velas Leading Spa of the World and delicious personalized wellness menus complete the experience.

Recovery at Casa Velas

Medical Tourism in Mexico is at an all-time high; as many as six million Americans alone received medical treatment in Mexico, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars and enjoying relaxing recuperations in world-class facilities. The services of Amerimed and Casa Velas allow patients to safely undergo simple and advanced medical treatments and enjoy a peaceful and speedy recovery.

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