Exotic Bird Watch: The Blue-footed Booby of the Pacific " />

Exotic Bird Watch: The Blue-footed Booby of the Pacific

By Veronica Toro

Alcatraz Patiazul

The Blue-footed Booby or Camanay booby is a peculiar seabird that inhabits regions of the tropical Pacific. Its white feathers, black wings, yellow eyes and blue feet make it a quite striking species.

These birds live for about 17 years, measure up to 90 centimeters and weigh from one to two kilos. To distinguish their sex one must only listen to their “voice”- male birds whistle while the females croak. Their tails are long and this helps them dive in the water to obtain their food source; typically invertebrates and a few fish.

In recent years species such as rats have interfered with the Blue-footed Booby’s colonies, damaging their ecosystems and causing serious disease. Overfishing and increased tourism have also contributed to declining numbers of boobies. Fortunately, there are currently foundations and institutions that protect and monitor the daily behavior of these birds and other marine species in order to provide for their protection.

Blue-footed Boobies are yet another beautiful element of the Bay of Banderas and its natural splendor- we invite you to experience the marvels of the Mexican Pacific and get to know our local inhabitants!

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