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El Cerro de la Bufa

El Cerro de la Bufa is the highest point of the pueblo mágico of San Sebastián del Oeste, and one of the region’s sights that you simply cannot miss. 



By Haydé Escalante


After a great day with friends in San Sebastián del Oeste, the final stop was the Cerro de la Bufa, or Bufa Hill. As it was my first time in the area I had no idea what to expect- I imagined it was a common lookout point like the many others I had seen in the past.


It was time to begin our ascent, so we jumped in the Jeep, ready to start climbing the mountains and leave the San Sebastián plaza behind.


The road was beautiful; green everywhere. The trunks of the trees framed the beauty of nature, composed of pines, oak, red oak and ash trees. You could see birds and spectacular views of the surrounding villages.



After an hour and crossing over a few jumps and streams, we got to where the road ends, right next to a giant antenna. As I got out of the car, the air felt much lighter and the green of the forest was impressive; once ready, we began our trek to the Bufa.


There was some fog, which accentuated the plants and foliage around us. One thing that really caught my eye were the maguey leaves engraved with names of couples, just like in the old  Mexican song.


After a 15-minute walk, passing beautiful flowers, bushes and trees, we reached the top of the Cerro de la Bufa. We were 2660 meters above sea level and the view was spectacular. In the distance you could see part of the Bay of Banderas and I felt tiny as I saw where the land meets the sea.




Having completed our mission, we returned home; refreshed and exhilarated. This was truly one of the best experiences I have had here in Vallarta-Nayarit.


If you visit San Sebastián, you cannot pass up the opportunity to go to the Cerro de la Bufa and enjoy its unparalleled beauty and incredible views.


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