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Diamond International

Diamond International, in my opinion is one of the best jewerly stores for high end jewerly in the downtown area. My fiancee bought my diamond engagement ring there and I just love it. I actually love it more now than when he gave it to me because of the great customer service the store offers. I was forced to bring the ring in to make a change to the setting of the diamond becuse, to be honest, was not to my taste. I showed the ring to Andres, one of thier great sales people, and he actually, upon looking it said that he might be able to help me upgrade the ring if i was not happy with it. Being the picky person that I am, I agreed that I really did not want to have the ring in this condition. A few hours later, Andres gave me back my ring with the setting just how i wanted with an even more beautiful diamond in the middle. I was floored with happiness! When I checked an online guide for the price of the stone they gave me, it was definitely at least 900 dollars more than what I paid. I highly recommend that you visit this store while spending time in downtown Vallarta. Their jewerly and sales people are pure perfection.


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