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Destiladeras Beach- North of town

On the way to Punta Mita, past the small town of La Cruz, is a long beach that reminds me of a California Beach. It is called Destiladeras and is frequented by locals. There is plenty of parking outside the gate, or you can pay to park inside and save yourself a bit of a walk.

Popular among kite surfers, the beach itself is long and a bit windy. It is a great place for those who like to walk on the beach or take a good run. The water is good for swimming, many people do, although possibly a bit choppy.

The farther you walk, the more rocky outcroppings appear and there seems to be a good amount of wildlife in the ocean. Along the beach we saw small crabs scuttling around, a few good-sized fish washed up, and- get this- a huge eel. This thing was about 3 and a half feet long, and its thickest part was as big as my calf. It had an open mouth full of razor-sharp teeth. This created seemingly endless amounts of amusement for my husband and son, who could not stop staring at the poor creature. There were a few fisherman towards the end of the beach as well, confirming that there must be a lot of fish in the surrounding waters.

This beach is an exhilerating experience and recommended if you would like to get a bit of excercise during your day at the beach.


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