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Clean Beaches in Vallarta-Nayarit

Translated by Nyima Bieber
Playas limpias en riviera-nayaritWhen we plan our vacations at the beach we normally imagine going to the cleanest, most beautiful and safest beach; where we can enjoy the sea without any worries.


In Mexico there are only five beaches that have the “Blue Flag” certification from the Environmental Education Foundation– the foundation evaluates the cleanliness of the nation’s beaches. The Nuevo Vallarta beach in Vallarta-Nayarit is one of the five. The certification is based on 33 criteria which include quality of the water, environmental management, environmental education and safety.


Just like the other four certified beaches, the Nuevo Vallarta beach has a conduct code, drinking water available and first aid equipment in order to be prepared for any eventuality.


Visiting this beach is both practical and fun- after enjoying the sea you can rinse yourself off in fresh water to remove sand and salt. But above all, it offers the chance to spend time with family or friends and have the security of the certification.


More Clean Beaches in Vallarta-Nayarit  


Recently in October the Palmares, Amapas-Conchas Chinas and Camarones beaches, located on the southern end of Puerto Vallarta, were able to comply with the sustainability requirements of Beach Quality. This helps the destination offer visitors a clean coast to enjoy.

Playas limpias en vallarta-nayarit

As a Vallartense or local I can also recommend the beaches of Mismaloya, Punta Negra and Boca de Tomatlán. At any of these you can enjoy good music, food, fun and time with family. To get there, take a bus from downtown marked “Mismaloya”– it can drop you off at any of the beaches mentioned here.


So now you know, if you’re looking for a clean beach you have a number of options in Vallarta-Nayarit. Plan your next vacation and be sure to visit the different and amazing options this region offers.
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