Classic Mint for Spring - Nuptial Special 2013 " />

Classic Mint for Spring – Nuptial Special 2013

The year 2013 brings innovative ideas for you to use on your special day. Here we have gathered some of the most inspiring trends, and prepared a calendar indicating the most appropriate wedding style for your preferred season.

The color mint will host the season of rebirth. It is fresh, original and soft. Related to the natural world, it will create a relaxing effect on the ambiance at all times. It is paired with white due to the extraordinary harmony between the two tones.

Birds are also coming into fashion. They are used in all types of printed invitations and decor; from cards to cakes to centerpieces and well, anywhere is possible if we add details like branches, stones, sand, water and plants. The entire arrangement will generate an amazing connection with the environment.

And the wedding dress? Classic. A V-shaped neckline, lace and cuts with a lot of fall are perfect for those who believe that the simpler, the more beautiful.

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