Ciclovía Nuevo Vallarta : find your inner peace " />

Ciclovia Nuevo Vallarta: find your inner peace

Last sunday, I was hosted in a hotel of Nuevo Vallarta. It was 9 in the morning and I had my  breakfast. I was bored so I decided to walk around the streets of the residential area. When I crossed a street near the hospital San Javier, I saw a tourist riding his bicycle so I got one too and this is when the adventure began.

bici 2

The bike path or “ciclovia” is one of the most beautiful spots in Nuevo Vallarta and it was inaugurated one year ago. Since then it has become one of the main attractions where every single day, thousands of people go for a walk, run or ride a bicycle.

bici 1

On your journey, you will be able to appreciate the great vegetation and wildlife that abounds in the region. Unlike other ciclovias, this is a trendy one because it has signage all over the road and a proper space to measure the distance between cyclists. This ciclovia is located on Paseo de los Cocoteros avenue, with an extension of 3 kilometers and just a few steps from some hotels.

Marathons are frequently carried out here so by now, they has became in important events in the destination.

My sunday was a very productive day and also benefited my health. If you want to do this activity, bring your bike! Or if you are in a hotel ask your Concierge if they offer bike rental services or where to get one during your stay.


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