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Christmas in Vallarta-Nayarit

By Haydé Escalante

navidad en vallarta-nayarit
Disappear from the cold weather and fly to Mexico this holiday season. To be honest, escaping to Mexico from the ice has become a popular choice for those tired of a white Christmas, even celebrities like Lady Gaga, the Kardashians, Charlie Sheen and Beyoncé have come to the paradise of Vallarta-Nayarit for their holidays.
Imagine this: You sunbathing, with a delicious drink next to a hammock and enjoying one of the top luxury All-Inclusive hotels in the region- who can pass up this opportunity? Some people might say no because of family events but you can always persuade your family to spend the winter vacation somewhere new; enjoy a new and magical culture while spending amazing days, free of stress.
Christmas in Mexico is very much a Catholic holiday as a consequence of the Spanish colonization. The festivities start on December 12th – the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe with what is called posadas. These parties start with the reenactment of Mary and Joseph looking for a place to rest in Bethlehem. The processions end with a big party full of traditional dishes, piñatas and Mexican candies.
navidad en vallarta-nayarit
It is habitual to gather the entire family to attend Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. Afterwards, the family will get together to have a typical Mexican dinner: tamales, bacalao, refried beans, menudo, pozole, champurrado and much more.
Mexicans tend to be very welcoming, but especially during this time of the year they surpass the norm and invite everyone to their house to have dinner with their family. The feeling of unity is stronger and one feels integrated into the community even as a foreigner.
If you are visiting Vallarta-Nayarit we recommend looking for holiday activities near your hotel and also asking your concierge about events they might be planning.
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