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Pilgrimage of the Virgin Guadalupe

December 12th is the most important religious holiday in Mexico; it commemorates the apparition in 1531 of the Virgin of Guadalupe to Juan Diego on the hills of the Tepeyac in Mexico City. The natives took the Virgin´s appearance as a blessing and the veneration of the Virgin of Guadalupe became a unifying factor in Mexican Catholicism.

From the 1st through the 12th, you can witness the annual pilgrimage of thousands of devout Catholics carrying offerings to the dark–skinned image of Mother Mary that helped convert millions of people to the Catholic faith after the Spanish Conquest. It is quite an impressive ceremony and one you will not want to miss. When you are in the downtown area of PV this December‚ make it a point to visit Our Lady of Guadalupe Church and enjoy the December festivities. It is a unique experience!


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