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The Vallarta Cup 2016

Things to do

The most waited adventure starts in the sea! The Vallarta Cup 2016, an event that is organized every year in Bahía de Banderas, will have the participation of 25 vessels from around the world that will be competing to demonstrate its ability in the maritime navigation.

The Vallarta Yacht Club association, which main purpose is to take advantage of all the richness that Banderas Bay offers, organizes this event. The event started as a social activity and now, it has established as an iconic happening in the region.

Enjoy this event every Saturday of January from 12 pm! And at night, attend the different themed parties that are organized by the Vallarta Yacht Club.

It should be noted that sport sailing is becoming very popular by Vallarta-Nayarit visitors. On your next vacations, try practicing this interesting sport with your family and/or friends.

For more information about Vallarta Cup 2016, you can check the official page:

Challenge the turbulent waters of the Pacific Ocean in the Vallarta Cup 2016

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