Celebrate The Day of the Dead in a Gorgeous Mexican Beach Destination " />
Personal valuable items of the deceased person
Dead bread
Remembering our defunct loved ones

Celebrate The Day of the Dead in a Gorgeous Mexican Beach Destination

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To remember our defunct loved ones, design altars and decorate with Cempasúchil flowers are part of one of the largest traditions in our country: The Day of the Dead. Now with the premier of the film 007 Spectre, the famous secret agent shows the significance of this holiday by attending to a spectacular parade in one of the main squares in Mexico City. Celebrate The Day of the Dead in a Gorgeous Mexican Beach Destination.

The Day of the Death is celebrated on November 2nd all over Mexico. This day Mexicans make offerings to those who aren’t in this world anymore by preparing small altars with key elements like: photographs, sugar skulls, drinks, traditional food, flowers, pan de muerto (dead bread), and personal valuable items of the deceased person.

The origins of this tradition go back to the Pre-Hispanic times; since then, it has been celebrated through different rituals and in more than 40 indigenous groups. An essential part of the ritual involves visiting the cemetery. Families visit the grave and place flowers and candles in order to show the soul his/her way back home.

Furthermore, Mexicans have the belief that their beloved ones come to visit them to try again the delicious food, therefore they cook his/her favorite Mexican dishes: chicken mole, pozole, tacos, among others.

If you want to know more fascinating traditions full of vibrant colors and delicious flavors, prepare your luggage and visit Mexico –we are ready to welcome you!


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