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Celebrate Father’s Day in Puerto Vallarta On the Beach & In Town

Make Dad feel young again with a weekend getaway to Puerto Vallarta for high-flying kitesurfing lessons, global scuba diving certification, the best margarita of his life, & fresh-caught Mexican seafood on the beach this Father’s Day.

A Mexican vacation is the ultimate gift for any parent. While everyone’s happy sitting by the pool, why not add an extra level of adventure this Father’s Day? Puerto Vallarta is perfect for just that – an idyllic marriage of restful relaxation and life-changing fun. Did you ever think you would see Dad soaring 20 feet over the water, clinging to a kite for dear life?

Are you tired of hearing him say he wishes he could scuba dive? Maybe you just want to soak in the sunset with him, sipping the best margarita in town. No matter how you choose to spend his day – whether he’s your father or the father of your children – here are a few of our favorite things to do with Dad this year:

Make His Scuba Dreams Reality

How many times has Dad marveled at underwater pictures of shipwrecks, coral reefs, and schools of tropical fish? There’s no better place to get his feet wet than right here in PV, where Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) scuba certification is available from Vallarta Adventures. Best of all, he can do most of the “classroom” work online, that way all he has to do when he gets here is dive in.


Turn Dad Into Superman

That’s exactly how he’ll feel after a few hours of kitesurfing lessons from Pacific Paddle in nearby Bucerías. Not only is he guaranteed to love flying through the air at the whim of the wind and waves – you’re sure to enjoy watching him revel in today’s hottest water sport, smiling ear to ear like a kid.

Margaritas, Cervezas, Sunset & Seafood

Dig your feet in the sand for all of the above at these beachfront treasures:

  • Si Señor Beach (Ampas 114-C) – Follow the tableside guacamole and tangy ceviche with their famous Oaxacan mole.

  • La Palapa (Púlpito 105-3) – The spicy-sweet Pink Cadillac Low Rider Margarita is one of the city’s best.

  • El Solar (Paraguay 1290) – Shots of tequila’s smoky cousin Raicilla, Mexican craft beer, juicy Surf & Turf Tacos. Repeat in any order you choose.




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