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Casa Velas to host the Star Diamond Awards gala

by Manuel Calderon de la Barca

On the 28th of May, Casa Velas will have the grand honor of hosting the Star Diamond Awards given by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences to the 50 finest restaurants in Mexico; an unprecedented event in Puerto Vallarta in which Emiliano restaurant will be awarded.

The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences, international organization based in New York, recognizes excellence in travel, gastronomy, products and luxury services. This year they have decided upon Casa Velas as the ideal location for one of the most important events in the hotel and restaurant industry worldwide: the Star Diamond Awards gala for the 50 best restaurants in Mexico, set to take place on the 28th of May.

Every year, the Academy presents plaques with their emblem, awarding great success and commitment to quality in North America, Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. The members’ organization, presided over by Joseph Cinque, is formed by individuals with a high level of experience in the hospitality industry, among them corporate hotel leaders.

Restaurant Emiliano, of Casa Velas, will join the esteemed group on the list of the 50 award winners of the Star Diamond Award in Mexico, having met the highest standards in luxury and service, on par with the best cuisine in the world.

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