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Bungee Jumping in Vallarta-Nayarit: An Adrenaline Rush in the Mexican Pacific

Vallarta-Nayarit offers endless attractions and activities, and practicing extreme sports is one of them. If you find yourself in the area the chance to go bungee jumping is one you can’t pass up, even if the thrill lasts only a few seconds.



By Cesar Lerma

Edited by Haydé Escalante

Translated by Nyima Bieber


Bungee jumping originated in Oceania, in the islands of Vanuato to be exact. It all began as a rite of passage called Gkol which represents the transition from childhood to adulthood, in which participants threw themselves from 30-meter platforms on cords made of sugar cane.


Today’s popular bungee jumping consists of jumping from a certain height into wide open space, attached only by the ankles to an elastic cord. The sport requires specialized equipment consisting of a body harness, a padded bumper to prevent entanglement of the cord, an elastic cord and a helmet. The jumping platform can be a bridge, a crane or any surface that complies with safety rules and is of an acceptable height to minimize risk to the practitioner.


The mixture of sensations achieved by bungee jumping is unexplainable- you feel a range of emotions and feelings within a matter of seconds, going from fear to nervousness and euphoria to a final state of peace and relaxation. And as with any extreme sport you must meet certain requirements; those who suffer from heart disease, a bone disorder, diabetes or hypertension may not participate.



Bungee jumping is a popular activity in area- it’s accessible to everyone who loves a good adrenaline rush, and as you can imagine, there’s nothing like bungee jumping over the turquoise waters of the Mexican Pacific with the Sierra Madre Mountains in the background!


Your experience really does depend on the company you go bungee jumping with; it’s important to be sure that they meet all security and safety standards, which is why we recommend Encore Bungee. They’ll take you bungee jumping on the beautiful southern side of Vallarta-Nayarit.


If you’ve already been, we hope you’ll leave us a comment about your experience!


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