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Mercado Municipal
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Best places to enjoy shopping in Puerto Vallarta

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Along with stunning beaches, fantastic restaurants and a rich local culture, this destination is also famous for best places to enjoy shopping in Puerto Vallarta. You won’t find big malls and popular brand names in most of the stores here. However, art lovers will be in heaven, because this is one of the best places in Mexico to pick up handmade crafts, jewelry, home goods and souvenirs. With a vibrant artistic scene, Puerto Vallarta is home to numerous galleries and independent boutiques that would make any collector happy.

Mercado Municipal should be one of your first stops on any shopping spree. This central market offers dozens of vendors and is a dream come true for shoppers on vacation. You can find everything from brightly colored fashions and one-of-a-kind artwork to tourist t-shirts and leather goods. It is literally overflowing with an incredible selection of unique Mexican goods. Avenida Independencia is another area worth exploring for gifts and crafts.

Mundo de Azulejos is a pottery shop located along Emiliano Zapata where you can buy all sorts of colorful items for your home including the famous “Talavera” tiles. From useful kitchen items and vibrant art to decorative signs and coffee mugs, it’s fun to browse the shelves of this charming store where everything is handmade on site. Even just walking down the street can be an exciting shopping experience. Huichol vendors come from all over to sell their intricate beadwork to visitors. Along with bracelets and necklaces, you might find traditional folk art to brighten up any space in your home. Keep a look out as you explore the neighborhoods of Puerto Vallarta, because you never know what you’ll find that might catch your eye.

Best places to enjoy shopping in Puerto Vallarta

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