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Become a Pirate in Puerto Vallarta

By Alexia Martinez

Live an action-packed pirate adventure with capes and swords! Sail across the bay on the Marigalante boat and be part of the best show on Puerto Vallarta’s waters.

The  Marigalante Pirate Ship is a magnificent galleon made of 100% real wood, built in Alvarado, Veracruz. Four impressive decks, in the purest pirate style, offer comfortable facilities such as a dining area with capacity for 240 passengers, air conditioning as well as lavatories and wheelchair access. All personnel are trained on how to proceed in case of emergency and have direct radio-communication with port authorities.

A full-size replica of the famous “Santa Maria,” used by Christopher Columbus in his first voyage to the new world, the Marigalante offers three tours: The Day Tour, the Night tour and the Canadian Night; where you will be part of a show that will make you feel like a real pirate while enjoying good food, an open bar and many fun activities.

Here I will explain the different tours, to help you choose the best option.

Pirate Land – Day Tour

This spectacular tour features live shows. Be part of the adventure with pirates swinging from the tallest masts, walking the plank, and jumping into the ocean, plus games. Lots of fun on board is guaranteed! The tour starts with a full breakfast and open bar.

Discover the beautiful natural scenery of Majahuitas, while snorkeling, kayaking, taking a banana ride, exploring the treasure hunt or simply enjoying the sun and beach. You will enjoy the food on-board, as well as shows and more fun while sailing back to Puerto Vallarta.

Tour includes:

Pirates of the Bay – Night Tour

An exciting pirate battle that takes place every night in front of Puerto Vallarta’s boardwalk. Sail aboard an impressive 700-ton galleon, where you’ll experience pirates sliding down the ropes, while witnessing acrobatic sword-fights, firing cannons, and a display of fireworks that will make you feel part of a show full of fantasy. All this amidst a beautiful sunset party and unlimited entertainment.

Tour includes:

The Canadian Night – Pirate Ship Cruise

It is an incredible sunset cruise aboard “The Marigalante” dedicated to all the pirate fans from Canada’s 10 provinces. A night full of fun, dancing and games, with a four-hour show that starts just before sunset. Embrace your adventurous spirit on the deck of a real wooden galleon. On-board entertainment features acrobatics, sword-fighting and even a fireworks display. A three-course dinner and open bar will brighten your trip while dancing in the sunset.

Tour includes:

Be part of a unique show on a real wooden pirate ship. If you come to Puerto Vallarta, don’t miss the opportunity to book this unforgettable experience. Enjoy the pirate ship tours and share your experience on our Facebook page:


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