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Airports are modernized for the 2011 Pan-American Games.

With the 2011 Pan-American Games set to take place in October in Jalisco, the Pacific Airport Group (GAP) reports important news regarding six projects considered priorities in facilitating the reception of thousands of visitors; they will be investing 320 million pesos in the Puerto Vallarta International Airport alone.

This sports event will be held principally in Guadalajara, Jalisco, and will contribute greatly to the flow of passengers in addition to bringing new ones who have never visited the destination. Puerto Vallarta will host the event for four competitions: Beach Volleyball, Triathlon, Open-Water Swim and Sailing.

To attract more visitors a joint effort is required to offer an attractive, modern destination that offers tranquility and comfort to its passengers, stated a GAP director.

At the Puerto Vallarta International Airport, the projects report significant advances, and will not affect the flow of passengers, as they are focused on a corner of the building next to the terminal, the rehabilitation of the runway, expansion of the platform and expansion of the four positions of the terminal.

In Guadalajara the security arches will be widened as well as the mezzanine, modifying the arrival area and expanding the national arrivals building.

The works being completed will also affect the design, image and painting of the airports to improve their appearance.

“Soy Vallarta, Soy Panamericano”

Literally meaning I am Vallarta, I am Pan-American, this campaign is being used by the City Council of Puerto Vallarta in light of the Pan-American games to be held in October, to promote various activities and create excitement and awareness of this grand event.

In the coming days the official game mascots, Huichi, Leo and Gavo will be around town to entertain kids and adults and provide fun photo opportunities.

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