A Vibrant Puerto Vallarta I Madonnari Festival " />

A Vibrant Puerto Vallarta I Madonnari Festival

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Open to all ages, this yearly celebration of creativity embraces the deeply familial, artistic sensibilities at the heart of our city. The 10th Annual Puerto Vallarta I Madonnari Festival welcomes artists to create a masterpiece upon the sidewalks of the Plaza de Arms (Main Square) in Old Town, November 20th-22nd. On the first day, participants will be assigned their plot at registration, followed by two full days to bring their work to life with chalk and pastels. An award ceremony will take place at 11am on Sunday the 22nd, with winners in three categories: Children Ages 12 & Under, Children Ages 13-17, and adults.

An Italian Tradition for 500 Years & Counting

Dubbed “Madonnari” in the 16th century because the style’s earliest subject was almost exclusively the Madonna, today the term applies to all street painters, no matter their themes or content. In fact, trends have turned increasingly toward bold, otherworldly 3D images, intricate murals, reinterpretations of famous works of art, and starkly topical originals.

A World of Masterpieces Right Beneath Your Feet

Transforming the heart of town into a whole new world, nothing compares to the feeling of walking among such staggering works of art as you’ll find here – just don’t forget your camera! For more, plan your stay to include a Wednesday (6-10pm, November 18th & 25th), as neighborhood galleries open their doors with wine, snacks and mingling during the weekly Puerto Vallarta ArtWalk.


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