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A LOVE STORY – Terri-Lynn & David | August 20, 2011

On New Year’s day Terri and I, along with 4 friends, set out on a 16km back country snowshoe trip in Garibaldi Provincial Park for an over night adventure to a Cabin in a valley of Glaciers situated 1700m above sea level. Two hours into our trip one of our group members had an asthma attack and had to turn back. When that happened, the other three members of our group decided to turn back as well. Which conveniently left Terri and I alone to complete the beautiful alpine trek. We pressed on for another 3 hours until we reached the most remarkable and scenic mountain ranges we’ve ever seen. Situated perfectly between “The Gargoyles” and Mount Garibaldi is the Elfin Lake shelter.

We arrived about an hour before sunset, set down down our packs in the cabin, took off our boots, poured a glass of wine and then curled up in a bunk for a short little rest. We then geared our selves back up, put our snowshoes on and trekked out to the edge of a rolling bluff rested high upon the mountain side where the alpine met the tree line. Blue sky had just begun to shift to pink and red as I dropped a bottle of champagne in the deep fresh snow. I asked her to stand still as I smiled and tracked a giant heart in the snow around her. Terri had no idea and thought I was just being the cute usual me. As I walked up behind her to complete the heart, I kissed her gently on the neck, moved around in front of her, told her softly how I love her, adore and cherish her, the time spent, the laughter and the love we share and that I want this to be my life, bent down on one knee, gently pulled off her glove, took the ring that I designed and had made out of my pocket, opened the box and asked her those few words that have now changed our lives forever. Terri immediately burst into tears as if a a water balloon burst in behind her beautiful eyes as she started to giggle and jump up and down and say the word “yes” a million times over and then leapt up into my arms in a giant embrace.

After the slowest and longest kiss we dropped down into the snow, poured a glass of champagne, wrapped in each others arms and watched the most stunning sunset over the BC coastal mountains.

The next morning we woke up to a beautiful blue sky, crisp alpine air and enjoyed the bliss that a newly engaged couple should and hiked out of the park as best friends, companions, and engaged to one another, committed to a life of happiness with each other.

The attached photo was taken moments after she said YES!!! We rested the camera on top of the champagne bottle for a self-portrait all alone in the wilderness!



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