A Halloween horror tour in a beach destination " />
Jason Voorhees celebrates Halloween
Halloween at the beach
Puerto Vallarta hotels celebrate Halloween
The kids already are ready to collect candies
The Marigalante ship

A Halloween horror tour in a beach destination

Things to do

The story says that in Halloween, spirits come from the underworld and feed from all the negative energy that surround us.

Although Halloween is an American celebration, it continues to be one of the most celebrated days in Mexico. In Puerto Vallarta, October 31st has become an iconic party. Celebrate a journey of terror and express your fears this night, here are some places you shouldn’t missed:

Puerto Vallarta Boardwalk: A very popular spot nationally and internationally. Walk this pretty area with your favorite costume and enjoy its wide nightlife options, which include contests and gloomy-decorated clubs.

Beaches: If you are looking for an environment that can include the soft touch of the sand and the sound of the ocean, this is the right place for you. Every year, hotels celebrate this day decorating their facilities and offering a special activities program to their guests.

Go trick-or-treating: In Puerto Vallarta and nearby cities, kids are used to collect candies in houses and stores, saying the popular phrase “¡We want Halloween, we want Halloween!” If you have children, take them (with their best costumes) and impress the owners of homes and establishments.

Visit haunted places: Some tour companies offer packages to places full of freaky stories. The Marigalante ship, located in the maritime zone of Puerto Vallarta has a fascinating story; the tale says that long time ago, tragic events happened there, and from that moment on, inexplicable incidents can be experienced.

If you’ve had spent Halloween in Puerto Vallarta, tell us how was it!


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