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A Floral Spectacle in Puerto Vallarta

By Verónica Toro

The Garden Club of Puerto Vallarta announced the celebration of the Bougainvillea Festival, which will be held from May 17th to 24th, 2012. The project has been underway for many years and has been collaborated on by the club and volunteers. It’s main concept and focus has been to make Puerto Vallarta known as “the City of Bougainvilleas”, as these flowers bloom plentifully throughout the year, especially in the month of May.

Restaurant Week is held on the same dates, and the events have now been combined into one, in order to attract the highest number of people possible to the festivities.

Activities available during this grand event include street festivals, Mexican dance performances, bus tours of the city center and the botanical gardens and many more.


 Bougainvilleas are resistant to pests and drought, and bloom constantly throughout the year

Any lover of nature will surely be enchanted by the idea of celebrating these beautiful flowering plants, and of utmost importance is promoting consciousness of the environment. Gardens and parks are perceived as part of Mexico’s cultural heritage and are a source of inspiration due to the sense of health and wellbeing that they transmit.


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