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7 things to make your wait in airports enjoyable

By Haydé Escalante

Having to wait hours in an airport can be stressful for all of us who just want to arrive to our final destination. If you are one of those who start to feel desperate, I have seven things you can do to make your wait in airports more enjoyable.
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1-Talk to the person next to you; it is interesting to get to know people at the airport– most of them have very interesting stories, especially if they come from a different background than you do.
2-Log on to Twitter: If you are not a ‘people person’, you can check out others at the same airport just by searching for related hashtags in their tweets. Tip: This is a good way to start a conversation.
3- Souvenirs: If you have money left over in a foreign currency, buy funny souvenirs for the people you love.
4- One of the most common favorites: Explore the Duty Free stores and bookstores. The best thing airports offer is variety in their products. Also, your internal shopaholic might feel less guilty, since you’re finding your favorite brands at more affordable prices.
5- Drink a coffee while reading: If you bought that book you were dying to read, start it right away with a delicious cup of coffee in hand.
6- Go to a gallery: Some airports, like the one in San Francisco, have galleries. If you are an art lover this is an excellent option for killing time and enjoying art at the same time.
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7- Comunication: Lastly, call up everyone whose voice you’ve wanted to hear but haven’t had time to call because of a busy agenda. It is comforting to listen to the people you love and catch up with them- sometime it’s necessary to say it and not text it.
To be honest (and without sounding geeky) I love airports! They are like having a civilized village at your fingertips, where you have plenty of things to do. Personally, I enjoy airports more when I travel by myself since no one is rushing me while I am exploring the terminals; but of course it all depends on the company.
The next time you fly follow the recommendations on this list and please tell us how it goes; and if you find more activities, share them with us!
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