7 activities you shouldn’t do in Puerto Vallarta " />

7 activities you shouldn’t do in Puerto Vallarta

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Some time ago I had the privilege to go to Marietas Islands where I snorkeled, and it was impressive; I also visited the Edén, where I did zip lining. To be honest the sensation is indescribable. This is why I am willing to share with you the following.

Puerto Vallarta is a destination full of things to do; between sea and mountains, it becomes the perfect place for extreme sports, which I recommend not do because you could get addicted to the adrenaline and the awesome sensations. You’re going to fall in love with them and with the town! Here are enlisted 7 activities you should not do in Puerto Vallarta:

Parachute jumping


You’ll feel the master of the world seeing from above how small things look, while having the feeling of flying; this is what skydiving offers, an extreme sport that begins more than 12,500 feet high on a plane and jumping. In the fall you can reach speeds up to 124 mph; at some point the parachute opens-and you’ll enjoy 5 to 7 minutes flying through the landscape offered by the area! Skydive is the company that offers this experience and departures are from the airport.

Bungee jumping


It lasts only a few seconds but makes your adrenaline go up to its maximum. 15 minutes from the hotel zone in Puerto Vallarta you will find the Pacific Bungee. There is a 131 feet  high platform, ready for you to jump into the sea. It sounds good doesn’t it ?, but I warn you… You will have an unforgettable experience and you will want to repeat it.

The Tyrolean


Flying through trees, feel the wind in your face while you are enjoying the best view you can have. It’s the longest and fastest zip line in Mexico, with more than 4,000 ft long and in which you can reach a speed of 62 mph. Wow! I assure you won’t want to get off. Besides, you can observe the habitat of predators; Edén is one of the locations of the movie “Predator” and it offer this type of service. Yes, feel safe as you see them from above.

Jet ski


In this activity, speed is in your hands, you decide how fast to go (unless you do not know and need some help). You will have the chance to tour the beautiful coastline and get to places which are not easily accessible. Feel the adrenaline to its fullest, you might end with tousled hair.



Have you ever dreamt of being Ironman? It is almost impossible but at least you can pretend for a moment that you are a superhero flying like a genius, billionaire and philanthropist  Avenger. This sport will rise through thrusters and don’t worry about the fall as it is done in the ocean.

Diving and snorkeling

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Explore the wonders that offer the depths of Puerto Vallarta breathing underwater, and admire closely the flora and fauna in open sea. Vallarta Adventures is a company that offers these services in Las Caletas, a private beach with the clearest water in the region, excellent for these activities. One of their tours is diving with sealions; you can take a picture with them and share it in your social networks.



Another way to fly is parasailing, a way of being raised by a small boat while at your back hangs a parachute. You are not raised as high as in skydiving, but enough to enjoy a beautiful view of Puerto Vallarta.


Impressive, right? Flying, breathing underwater, going at high speeds, raise your adrenaline, feel “the king of the world” as Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic; all this may be possible in your next visit to Puerto Vallarta. Confirmed: if you do these activities you’ll fall in love with the city, and believe me … you’ll never want to leave. If you dare, share your experiences and your pictures with us!

 Photo credit: SkydiveVallarta, Conapy, VallartaAdventures

7 actividades que no debes hacer en Puerto Vallarta

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