6 gifts for kids, the future travelers " />

6 gifts for kids, the future travelers

It is time to give love and happiness to our loved ones, as we are in the most beautiful time of the year. These days, people go crazy thinking about what to buy the children of the house. The best thing you can give a child is an interest; to travel, to want to discover or find out more about something … Let them know about everything that exists in the world and make them a future traveler.

The following are 6 gifts for kids, the future travelers:

Camara and Album



This is a must – it’s like giving them a tool that they can use to capture each discovery and save it, any time. You’ll find cameras made just for kids that can resist any impact, and there are other fun options that provide an instant photo.



To find out everything there is to see and visit; some can be colored in, and others show the flora and fauna of each continent. There are a number of different kinds of maps with different themes. You can also give them a three-dimensional globe.

Travel Board Game


Look for games like Go: The International Travel Game, where kids can travel the world, and learn about different places.

Another option is a puzzle with countries, states, cities, animals, ecosystems or plants; anything that gives them a wider world view of things that can be found across the globe.   

Explorer Kit


A backpack, boots, microscope, lantern, container for studying insects, microscope, binoculars, etc.; everything they need to be able to investigate anything they find, safely.



There are countless books full of stories and adventures, like The Little Prince, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Percy Jackson, Around the World in 80 Days, Hugo Cabret and The Time Machine; or others that are educational, like Atlas of Adventures, How to be a world explorer?, and and Atlas of the World (activity book).

Smart Watch


For those who have their step counters and love to be in constant motion; and so that parents know where to find their kids (some have GPS, and SOS in case something happens to them).

These are some of my recommendations of gifts for the children of the house. Give them daily motivation, and give them the tools to fuel their desire to discover the world. Help them develop an interest in travel and they’ll be grateful for it now and later in life.


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