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5 things you MUST do in Vallarta-Nayarit

By Betsua Salazar

Translated by Haydé Escalante

Vallarta-Nayarit is what we now call Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta. The travel experts agreed that these cities have joined to form the ultimate holiday destination, as they complement each other to create the perfect escape.

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Recently the “Live it to Believe It” campaign won three nominations at the Travel Weekly Awards 2013, due to its photography, golf, adventure for travellers; three of the most sought-after activities by tourists in the region. It is noteworthy that these awards are presented by some of the most significant people in the tourism industry.
In Vallarta-Nayarit you will find activities for every taste and every season- you have everything and at great prices. I have five things you MUST do when visiting this place:

1. -Snorkeling at Los Arcos


Boat tours on Banderas Bay are very common and usually they will provide you with all the equipment necessary for this activity before you set off – so don’t limit yourself, face your fears! There are always trained people to help you.

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2. -Walk on the Malecón

The Malecón was recently refurbished to create a more attractive and comfortable place for visitors to enjoy. The area is pedestrian and you can also easily access the beach. Plus, it has plenty of bars, nightclubs and restaurants for every taste – the nightlife is one of the main attractions.

3.- Visit the pier at Los Muertos beach:

At the end of El Malecón there lies the new pier, constructed on Los Muertos beach. “Spectacular and colorful” is how tourists describe it. Here you can see the water under your feet while you chat with friends and family and admire the moon and stars- the experience is truly comforting and, depending on the company, could be romantic!

4.- Swim in El Edén:

The Edén is a river with extremely cold water; however, this is not an obstacle for all the locals and tourists that like to swim in it. It is a very peaceful place where you can take your own food or buy it at the one restaurant there. The Edénislas marietas en vallarta nayarit is only accessed by car- it would take a long time to walk.

5.- Go to the Hidden Beach:

Hidden beach is a wonderful paradise for some, and yet unknown to many others. It is located in the Marietas islands and is often called “the beach underneath the earth”– it is a pristine place that can only be accessed by boat and then swimming.
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