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The 5 Most Romantic Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

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What is the first thing you imagine when you hear the word romantic dinner? In my case-and I think, the case of several women–  Moonlighting, candles, some roses and a dish that dazzle, all in the company of our loved one … but what if we add: a spectacular wine, delicious dinner, music seduces to love and, above all, having the sea on a magical evening. A place where love is the witness that there is no tomorrow, only today and now …

Sounds good right? Then I present the 5 most romantic restaurants in Puerto Vallarta! These places have positioned the word romance on another level, not only makes your visit a memory, also invite back at every opportunity.

  1. Café Des Artistes:

It won’t only inspire love, but also it will awake all your senses.

International Specialty: Ask for Chef Tierry’s traditional Shrimp and pumpkin cream.

  1. La Palapa:

It has tables on the beach inviting the sunset to merge with love.

Specialty: Mexican-Asian fusion

My recommendation: La Palapa style shrimps

  1. Bistro Teresa:

It offers one of the most fabulous views of Puerto Vallarta. Intimate would be the word that describes it; Teresa Bistro offers a unique concept of comfort.

The Teresa salad is simply exquisite.

  1. Le Kliff:

Traditionally, this restaurant has the best ambiance for the perfect proposal; this is the place that all women have dreamed of saying yes to their prince charming.

Specialty: The Coconut Satay Shrimps are something special, this dish will amazes your palate.

1.Casa Velas Beach Club:

It has it all! It is the best hidden secret of Puerto Vallarta, where the moon conspires with romance. A dining experience with Oriental specialty will make that special night something unique!  -A premier resort that offers nothing less than a restaurant of the same quality.

By Yessica Lira


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