5 patriotic characters of Independence Day in the US " />

5 patriotic characters of Independence Day in the US

Freedom is one of the most beautiful values that exists in countries with democracy. Today, July 4th, the Independence of the United States is commemorated; a date that marked the end of a war and the autonomous beginning of the country. Since then, Americans gather in different points of the city, where they celebrate the day with picnics, parades and traditional dishes.

In the fictional and real world, there are characters that are also part of the celebration. Here you have 5 patriotic heroes that represent the US Independence Day:

Captain America: It is one of the most iconic heroes of this North American country. When they are in a dangerous situation, he is always there to save the people. Captain America is a clear reflection of people who love their country and freedom. Despite the adversities in his personal life, he always finds the way to solve things without affecting the work of serving his nation.

Steven Hiller: Do you remember this character? The main character in the Independence Day movie -he won the battle against the aliens. Steven Hiller belongs to the US Navy, who is in charge of defending the country and fighting bravely in honor of democracy. Throughout the film, he shows true patriotism that does not go unnoticed by the viewer.

Wonder Woman: This heroine is a beauty. Unlike the other characters, she is the only female that protects the interests of the nation. She has extraordinary qualities and the design of her suit is based on the symbolism of America. Her influence around the world is very wide, especially in America because for Wonder Woman, homeland comes first.

Uncle Sam: Pointing his little finger with an outfit that symbolizes the United States, Uncle Sam was a soldier of the armed forces that swore loyalty to the country, always thinking in the protection of the order, peace and freedom. It’s a great icon that most Americans are familiarized with, and his famous quote “I want you for U.S. Army” still in use these days.

Benjamin Franklin: Thanks to his political participation, the War of Independence came to an end. Most part of his life he worked as a scientist; he was the creator of the lightning rod and studied electricity thoroughly. All the time he was active in the political field and in the United States a monument was built in his honor.


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