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5 hidden places of Puerto Vallarta

There are a few places that remain hidden places from the crowds to visit in Puerto Vallarta, hence making them far more attractive to those who appreciate tranquility and subtle details. Below is a collection of the 5 hidden places to visit in Puerto Vallarta that still preserve their authentic charm, and non-commercial status.

Horseback riding in the Sierra Madre

This fascinating 932-mile long mountain range offers breathtaking horse-riding landscapes, including the thrilling adventure of crossing the Cuale River as you ride to discover a secret waterfall.

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The chocolate reverence comes to life at the heart of Puerto Vallarta in a museum dedicated to this sweet delight. During your visit, you can partake in the workshop where you’ll be able to prepare your own chocolate bar or hot beverage, in which you will go through the entire process, from stripping to toasting and grinding the seeds.

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Art in Alpacora Gallery

Admire the artistic expressions from various cultures of Mexico, including the colorful pieces from the Huichol community of the state of Nayarit, such as masks made with chaquira and paintings using yarn or nierika.

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Mexican art and textiles by the Puerto Vallarta Malecon

Photograph by Edgar Zack

Modern Art Gallery 4D

“Art is sharing and sharing art is consciousness” is the motto of Abdallahy, the self-styled ‘artivist’ behind the innovative gallery located in Marina Vallarta, which exhibits paintings inspired by Mexican cultures and a few others from distinct parts of the world as well as 4D art-objects  finely paired with a glass of wine and special lenses.

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Botanical garden

An oasis created by the hands committed to caring for the natural environment of Puerto Vallarta and its biodiversity. Be sure to save the dates to their upcoming events in an effort to create a social-ecological awareness. Some of their upcoming events are the Celebration of the Hummingbird on June 16th, and the National Day of Botanical Gardens 2019 on June 22nd. You can also book a table to savor their exquisite cuisine.

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You will be excited to learn that some of these activities are included in the cultural tour “Hidden Gems in Puerto Vallarta” of Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit which, in addition to offering an unforgettable stay, guides you on a visit to less frequently toured places, such as visiting the home of a local family to enjoy traditional ‘antojitos’ or snacks and learn the history of the mole, or make a stop by the bakery favored by residents of the region. 

Hope you enjoy this tour!

Un atractivo natural escondido en Puerto Vallarta

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