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10 clubs in Puerto Vallarta where the party never ends

10 antros indispensables en tu visita a Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is known for having beautiful beaches, great places and, of course, the nightlife that never ends. I have some time without visiting a club, but honestly I love going for the music blasting at full volume and hanging around with people that spread good vibes and fun. This city is one of the bests in Mexico for party!

If you haven’t come to Puerto Vallarta in a party mood then you should know that here most places are opened daily and close at 6 am and some until noon.

For the holidays I’ll give you a list with the 10 clubs in Puerto Vallarta where the party never ends:

La Santa

The dress code is stylish. This place has a good repertoire in terms of music because it makes you remember old times. It is located on Blvd. Francisco Medina.


The place is stunning; the roof is retractable, so while you are enjoying a great night you can see the stars and feel like one with your best dance moves. Music is outstanding!

La Vaquita

Definitely, my favorite. It is one of the clubs where I knew what fun meant; among music and atmosphere I assure you won’t want to leave. It is located in the boardwalk it’s not difficult to find. I recommend micheladas, they are a delight. Drinks are served in glasses painted with spots emulating a cow.

Bar Morelos

This bar has become a hit for pregaming. If you love sweet drinks, I recommend you to  try the martini marzipan. Good atmosphere, different genre music and you can play a little soccer match.

La Bodeguita del Medio

Merely Cuban atmosphere, it is said that the authentic mojito was created here. The best apart from the food and drinks is the music; performed lively. Dance till you’re exhausted and fill yourself with its entire flavor.

Barra Bar

The first time I visited this place it was a little bit funny; the music was 80’s (not exactly my time or my personal taste) but after awhile I started dancing and I had an excellent evening.


It is a very good option as it is on the boardwalk. Here you have two options, since the top floor is the Sky Mandala, which also has a very good atmosphere.


Dance while you look at the animals (easy…they’re not real). The concept of this place is cool; as the name implies, it is decorated in a jungle style, like a real zoo. It is located on one side of La Vaquita, maybe you can visit both clubs the same night.


Another option for pregaming, but to be honest you can be there all night and have a blast. Drinks are served in glass jars the famous “Mason Jars”. It is located on Blvd. Francisco Medina.

Marina Puerto Vallarta

If your hotel is at La Marina and you don’t want to leave this area, you also have many options to spend a good evening in restaurants and bars as La Federal, Benitto’s and De Santos; enjoy an excellent atmosphere and good music.

Probably for this holiday many places will close late. I recommend you book in advance regardless of the place you want to go to, as they usually are packed and even more during this season.

If you want to come to Puerto Vallarta in party mood, keep in mind these recommendations; remember that here, the party never ends.


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