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A special touch from my last trip to Puerto Vallarta

From the peninsula of Baja California to Oaxaca, and through the colonial city of Bajío: Mexicans are generous and gracious people. I have been able to verify this during several trips to the country and on my last visit I was left with a very pleasant memory of its people. In a small hotel in the Marina by the name of Casa Velas, the staff emanates warmth in their treatment of guests, greeting you with a truly endearing gesture: when walking the corridors, dining in the restaurants, enjoying the Beach Club or sunbathing by the pool, all staff members you meet lean in very subtly and place their right hands on their chests.

This greeting, which they call a “greeting of the heart” is uncommon in Mexico, but very present in the cultures of the Middle East and the Far East, and with my vocation as a reporter I wanted to investigate a little more about this custom they have adopted. The gesture symbolizes respect for a person whom they’ve just met or when greeting an older person. They have decided to incorporate it into their service etiquette to let their guests know that they feel honored to receive us in their home. It’s more than a formality, it is the universal language of hospitality that can be recognized in any language, because a smile and a delicate reverence does not need translation.

Personal Hotel Boutique Casa Velas, Puerto Vallarta, México

Congratulations Casa Velas!

Trilse Guernica – Enthusiastic traveler, recently hosted at Casa Velas.

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Hotel Solo Adultos Casa Velas, Puerto Vallarta México

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