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“Varitas de Camarón”, the vallartense’s recipe

By Haydé Escalante


One of the main reasons to visit Vallarta-Nayarit is its delicious gastronomy. From gourmet to street food, this city will never disappoint you; it offers a grand variety of flavors to please your palate.



If you are looking to try the regional cuisine, it is imperative for you to go to El Malecón. On weekends this place offers you the tastiest street food- you will find plenty of options (crepes, tacos, seafood, mezquites, pan dulce and more). As a recommendation, try not to have a heavy lunch; eat light so you can try foods from several stands and really enjoy the experience.


There is one particular street food that really represents this city: Las Varitas de Camarón. This brochette-type snack is a tourist’s favorite and you can find it all along Los Muertos beach. The prices are also pretty accessible; they go from 35 to 40 pesos. Note to yourself: You won’t find them in any other city in the country.

This delicious snack is really easy to prepare, so if you are missing your Puerto Vallarta holidays you can bring those moments back to life by preparing some at home. Here is what you need:


  • *1 kg of shrimp
  • *180 gr butter
  • *Minced garlic
  • *1 cup of cooking oil
  • *Salt and pepper
  • *Lemon
  • *Achiote or Curry


Put the shrimp on the brochettes. Add salt and pepper and let them rest in the fridge for about 5 minutes. To prepare the marinade (the recipe’s key element), melt the butter in a small pan. Once perfectly melted add the minced garlic, the achiote, the cooking oil and some salt. Let the mixture simmer for about 20 minutes. With a cooking brush, spread the hot mixture on the shrimp brochettes and grill. Baste with sauce at least 3 times while the grill. Finally, add some lemon, salt and chili before eating. Serve with rice and salad.


¡Buen Provecho!


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